Everyone gets a free Feat at 1st level.  Every 4th level, you can either get +2 to an ability score (up to a max of 20) or take another Feat.

New Feat: Dragonmark
You have a magical mark that indicates you are a member of one of the dragonmarked houses. Select one of the options from the Dragonmarks table.

You gain the ability to innately cast spells and cantrips, as summarized in the Dragonmark Benefits table, using the spellcasting ability listed under the Ability column. You cast each spell at its lowest level. Once you cast a given spell this way, you must finish a long rest before you can  cast it innately again. You must still expend any material components. Your dragonmark confers the following benefits:

• When you first take this feat, you gain the least dragonmark. You learn the spells listed under the Least column.

• At 5th level and higher, your mark becomes more potent, improving to lesser dragonmark. You also learn the spell listed under the Lesser column.

• At 9th level and higher, your mark’s power increases again, becoming a greater dragonmark. You also learn the spell listed under the Greater column.

Mark Ability Least Lesser Greater Race
Detection Wisdom Detect Magic, Mage Hand Detect Thoughts Clairvoyance Half-Elf
Finding Wisdom Identify, Mage Hand Locate Object Clairvoyance Half-Orc, Human
Handling Wisdom Druidcraft, Speak with Animals Beast Sense Conjure Animals Human
Healing Wisdom Cure Wounds, Spare the Dying Lesser Restoration Revivify Halfling
Hospitality Charisma Friends, Unseen Servant Rope Trick Leomund's Tiny Hut Halfling
Making Intelligence Identify, Mending Magic Weapon Fabricate Human
Passage Intelligence Expeditious Retreat, Light Misty Step Teleportation Circle Human
Scribing Intelligence Comprehend languages, Message Sending Tongues Gnome
Sentinel Wisdom Blade Ward, Compelled Duel Blue Protection from Energy Human
Shadow Charisma Dancing Lights, Disguise Self Darkness Nondetection Elf
Storm Intelligence Fog Cloud, Shocking Grasp Gust of Wind Sleet Storm Half-Elf
Warding Intelligence Alarm, Resistance Arcane Lock Magic Circle Dwarf


New Feat: Adamantine Body

Warforged only, 1st level only.  This feat gives the warforged the equivalent of Plate Mail armor at level 1, including Disadvantage on Stealth checks and Dexterity limits.

New Feat: Mithral Body

Warforged only, 1st level only. This feat gives the warforged the equivalent of a Breastplate armor at level 1, including Dexterity limits.

New Feat: Improved Natural Attack

For one natural attack (bite, claw, punch, kick, tail, etc), the character receives a +1 to hit and the damage die increase by one type. d4 to d6 to d8 to d10 and so on.

New Feat: Shifter Elite (cannot be taken at 1st level)

You gain one extra use of your Shifting ability per rest. In addition, you gain the following based on subtype:
Beasthide: +1 to AC
Cliffwalk: +10 ft climb speed
Longstride: +10 Movement speed
Longtooth: Bite as a bonus action
Razorclaw: Attack with two claws as a bonus action, requires free hands
Wildhunt: Gain Blindsight while shifting

New Feat: Weretouched  (req Shifter Elite)

While shifting, the character receives an additional bonus of +2 to their subtype's ability score increase, which may take the ability above 20. In addition, the character receives bonus characteristics based on their lycanthropic ancestor:

Werebear: +2 AC; Climb speed of 20ft

Wereboar: +1 AC; Charge at least 15ft and attack +2d6 damage, DC (8 + Prof + Str) Strength save or be knocked prone

Wererat: Advantage on Stealth checks; Climb speed of 30ft

Weretiger: +10ft speed; Pounce at least 15ft and hit with Claw or Bite attack, target must make DC (8 + Prof + Str or Dex) Strength save or be knocked prone – if prone, two additional attacks as a bonus action

Werewolf: +10ft speed; on successful bite or claw attack, savages target for +2d6 damage and is grappled

New Feat: Mutable Body

Changeling only. Use Shapechanger as a move action; gain double your Proficiency bonus for Deception


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