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City of Adventure, Gateway to Xendrik, Land of well…everything.  Founded by the 5 Coin Lords, pirates and mercenaries and everything in between.  Whether you arrive by boat or airship, the first thing you see is the docks of Stormreach, but the first thing you really take note of is The Emperor.  A five hundred foot tall statue of an ancient Giant, only barely weathered, watching over the city, bedecked in royal attire, a blazing spire of light rising from his cupped hands.  The city itself is a hodgepodge of constructions, an ancient stone building with houses built of driftwood and roofed in rowboats.  Brick towers.  Giant-made blocks of stone floating magically above the ground and hollowed out by brave…or greedy…masons.  In some places, entire ships have been up-ended and anchored to the ground for a shopmaster's use.

If you'd been here before, that's alright, because in all likelihood, things have changed.  Your favorite side street fishmonger's shop might now be a smithy…

That dead body at the end of the dock? Pay no attention to it, just don't trip over it.  Best not to disturb someone else's work. Might be a message. Might not be dead…or might not stay that way.  Leave it for the guards.

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Home Page

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